FEXCO 2011 Asian Gaelic Games, October 14-16.

Please check out the website and start planning your travel now:

This year, the Games will be held outside of Seoul in nearby Suwon,
where the 2002 World Cup was played. This is where the hotels will be
located, but the plan is to have a night out in Itaewon (the Roppongi
of Seoul) after the Sunday banquet. (The airport you should fly into
is still Seoul -- with Incheon being the most convenient. Will get
back to you about if Gimpo will work.)

The Asia Pacific Ireland Business Forum will be held on Friday,
October 14 in Seoul.


AGG Travel Assistance Request


If you would like to attend the Asian Games in Korea this year, but would have financial difficulty to travel, the club might be able to assist. Please fill out the below PDF form, explaining reasoning for assistance request, and return to japangaa@gmail.com for committee's decision.


Asian Games Travel Assistance Request.pdf (184,6 kB)